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Ship visits in Barcelona

​NUME's representative Svein Roger Mandal together with colleagues from NSU and NMOA visited several cruiseships in barcelona.

​During our stay we had the pleasure of visiting five cruiseships while they was moored in Barcelona port.

We had talks with engineers from:

Seadream I

Adventure of the Seas

Norwegian Epic 

Liberty of the Seas 

Serenade of the Seas

Altough the engineers was very busy with bunkering maintenance etc. they had spare time to discuss things like retirement plans, sailing periods, salary and other things related to the job in the cruise industri, matters that we will carry forward during coming negotiations.



   DSC_0039 (700x470) (600x403).jpg

   Seadream I  / Seadream yacht club


    2.)DSC_0041 (600x403).jpg

   Kurt Inge Angell and Bernard Lie- Nilsen from NSU and NMOA joined NUME during all visits.



   3.)DSC_0043 (700x470).jpg

  2nd.Eng. M.Konos / Seadream I



   4.)DSC_0044 (600x403).jpg

  2nd. Eng. R.Soytin / Seadream I



   5.)DSC_0046 (700x470).jpg

    1st. Eng. C.Caesar / Seadream I


    6.)Adventure of the seas (600x397).jpg

   Adventure of the seas / RCCL

   DSC_0071 (700x470).jpg

     Engine officers on Adventure of the seas: 2nd.Eng Steven Malcolm / Canada,

    1st.Eng. Vezhen Stanev / Bulgaria, 2nd.Eng Yanislav Hrista / Bulgaria and 2nd.Eng  Jan Mroz from Poland.


     8.) DSC_0074 (600x403).jpg


  DSC_0079 (700x470).jpg

     Sr. refrigation Eng. Tore Johansson and Staff chief engineer Maikel Lugo



   10.)DSC_0082 (700x470).jpg

   2nd.Eng Metodi Tasnev / Norwegian Epic


  11.)DSC_0084 (700x470).jpg

   2nd.Eng Danut Pipirigeanu / Norwegian Epic.

   12.)DSC_0086 (700x470).jpg

    2nd.Eng. Darko Vukanovic / Norwegian Epic.



   Liberty_Of_The_Seas (600x450).jpg

        Liberty of the seas / RCCL


 Pictures below : Louis Arjona, hector Quintez, Ibero Rivera, Hristo Angelov, Martin Simeonov


      15.)       DSC_0100 (700x470).jpg

    16.)DSC_0101 (700x470).jpg

   17.)DSC_0097 (700x470).jpg




   RCI_Serenade_of_the_Seas (600x313).jpg

  Serenade of the seas / RCCL


   20.)DSC_0179 (600x403).jpg

  2nd.Eng Fernando G. Perez, 2nd.Eng /steam Miroslav Vutev and 2nd.Eng. Teodor Peychev.

All photos by: Svein Roger Mandal  (exept 6, 13, 19)



Svein Roger Mandal
E-mail:  srm@dnmf.no
Telefon: +47 24 14 83 74
Mobil:     +47 917 88 312