Trade union representatives and collective bargaining conferences are also announced on an ongoing basis.

Some of the courses we provide: 

Subject- and union-selected course - basic course
There will be a presentation of NUME, as well as organization, working methods, mandate and division of responsibilities in NUME. The role as shop steward in relation to the main agreements and the main tariff agreement, as well as shop stewards' duties and rights, will be important topics on the course. 

Tariff conference
This is the most important arena ahead of a main settlement and where you as a member decide what should be prioritized towards this year's main settlement

Negotiation technique part 1 
Those who want to learn more about negotiations and perhaps want to take part in local negotiations, then this course is for you. Here you learn about negotiation techniques, which can be used both at work and privately.

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It is also possible to take online courses which can be found on your page