No more excuses for global brands as new tool launched in fight to resolve crew change crisis  | ITF Seafarers
The world’s seafarers’ unions say the world’s biggest brands have no excuse not to audit their supply chains and issue directives to suppliers on crew change, now that a new human rights due diligence toolkit has been launched today.

UN task force should probe why governments failed to fulfill obligations to seafarers during pandemic | ITF Seafarers
Shipowners and seafarers’ representatives have asked the United Nations to establish an interagency task force to examine the implementation and practical application of the MLC, 2006 during the pandemic, including its impact on seafarers’ fundamental rights and on the shipping industry.

Stranded crew data reveals extent of changeover crisis | Lloyd’s List
The first Neptune Declaration Crew Change Indicator shows 5.8% of seafarers were on board vessels beyond the expiry of their contracts of employment
Managers warned that the seemingly low percentages shown by the indicator by no means signals the end of the crew change storm. And ‘2021 is set to be worse than the past year’

Role of seafarers in keeping the world moving is unrecognised | Lloyd’s List
As the maritime industry works to tackle the crew change issue, governments have still not responded to the humanitarian crisis
Anglo-Eastern Ship Management chief says despite all the good shipping is doing for the world, the world does not understand the plight of the individuals who serve on board.

Calls Grow for Vaccine Priority for Maritime Workers | Marine Log
With both the United Nations and the U.S. saying maritime workers are essential, it’s important that we ask whether those workers should be prioritized before the general, less-at-risk population. As of now, it looks as though it may be up to shipping bodies to push for national governments to make that happen. 

Crew change crisis tipped to be worse than last year | Splash 247
With many of the world’s top hub ports raising barriers to anyone who has been to South Asia recently there are growing concerns that the crew change crisis could roar back to levels seen in the middle of last year.

New Indicator Seeks to Quantify and Inform Crew Change Crisis | Maritime Executive 
More than a year after the global shipping industry came together to highlight the plight of seafarers and the challenges to global trade due to the pandemic, the crew change crisis remains unresolved and has the potential to grow worse according to new information from a collaboration of industry leaders. They point to a resurgence of the virus in shipping centers, such as the current crisis on the Indian subcontinent, which led many jurisdictions to ban Indian crewmembers or seafarers who had traveled in those regions.

Unions And Employers Agree That Coastal Shipping Is An Opportunity | Scoop NZ
“Coastal shipping is ready to accept any challenges from Government and the unions when it comes to increasing the role of coastal shipping in the Kiwi supply chain” said Clive Glover, President of the NZ Shipping Federation today. “We want to work with the government and the unions to remove impediments to and encourage the use of coastal ships.” 

Shipping unites to create $1M target emergency relief fund in response to COVID-19 seafarer crisis | Helsinki Times
Leading seafarer welfare charities and shipping industry players have launched an emergency relief fund in order to support seafarers and their families devastated by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic in India and other countries. 

Plymouth tugboat crews call four-day strike as roster row escalates | Business Live
Union says workers will walk out for 96 hours in long-running dispute which has already seen two on-day strikes at Devonport naval base

Voith to unveil new system for remote control of tugboats | Marine Log
Voith will showcase a new system for remotely controlling tugboats in a live streamed simulation at Germany’s upcoming 12th National Maritime Conference, being held virtually May 10-11.

French fishers threaten to blockade Jersey ports as row escalates | The Guardian
Move comes as France threatens to cut off electricity to island in row over post-Brexit licences for fishing boats
French fishers are threatening to blockade the ports in the Channel Islands in an escalation of a post-Brexit row in which the French maritime minister has backed calls to cut off Jersey’s electricity supply.



Global crew changes paralysed by pandemic ‘chaos’ | Lloyd’s List
Crew-nationality arbitrage emerges to give preference to ‘easy-to-move’ seafarers as shortages loom and coronavirus cases rise, as new strains defy testing protocols
‘Crew logistics has almost come to a halt, the challenges are intractable,’ says leading shipmanager

World’s Biggest Brands Adopt Checklist to Rescue Seafarers | Bloomberg
Unilever Plc and other big retail brands are among consumer giants adopting a toolkit to audit their shipping supply chains in an effort to help bring seafarers stuck on commercial vessels back home and eliminate human rights risks.

Shipping industry backs seafarer emergency fund for India | Lloyd’s List
Indian seafarers at sea and at home are facing an unprecedented crisis that demands an unprecedented response, according to Ardmore Shipping’s Mark Cameron
Shipping industry groups join coordinated effort by seafarer charities to raise funds to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus crisis on India’s seafarers and their families

Maritime Union Says Coastal Shipping Must Complement Rail And Road | Scoop NZ
The Maritime Union says the Government’s announcement today of major investment in rail is a positive move, and is urging more action on coastal shipping.

Potential Impact of Indian Crew Suspension | Cruise Industry News
The industry impact on crewing following Royal Caribbean Group’s temporary suspension of hiring Indian crew due to the COVID-19 situation in the country depends on whether other cruise lines follow suit and when India is deemed “safe.”

Stakeholder self-interest is damaging industry progress | Lloyd’s List
The coronavirus pandemic has affected shipping in many ways, one of which has been to force companies, associations and organisations to turn inwards. The need is for industry-wide collaboration
The dire situation for Indian seafarers has prompted charities and leading industry players to set up an emergency relief fund. This initiative reflects an urgent need for shipping to think as one

Maersk posts record first-quarter earnings | Lloyd’s List
Underlying profits for the quarter were only just below those achieved in the whole of 2020
An exceptional market situation continues to drive demand and freight rates during a period of bottlenecks and shortages. The disruptions are set to continue into the fourth quarter

Shipowners call for EU–India scrapping deal | Lloyd’s List
ECSA said it was an ‘illusion’ that all EU-flagged vessels could be recycled in Europe and barring Indian yards from the market would remove their incentive to improve conditions. European shipowners urged the EU to help lift living and working standards at South Asian beaches, rather than trying to force owners to use costlier European yards. They call for a bilateral deal so compliant yards can join the bloc’s green list.


5 large ships quarantined at Spanish ports | Anadolu Agency
Several sailors hospitalized, officials studying how many crew members are infected with variant 1st found in India
Five large ships are quarantining at Spanish ports on Tuesday, after 26 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus and several needed to be hospitalized.

Seafarers' union 'fighting hard' for vaccinations as quarantined cargo ship stays anchored off N.L. | CBC
13 crew members aboard Federal Montreal have tested positive for COVID-19
The Seafarers' International Union of Canada says it's nearly impossible for crew members aboard cargo ships to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, as an outbreak aboard a massive cargo ship anchored off eastern Newfoundland shows the toll the pandemic is taking on workers.

Coronavirus outbreak on bulker off Canada | Lloyd’s List
The ship Federal Montreal was en route from Montreal to Tarragona, Spain. One man is in hospital, the other 13 of 19 Indian crew are on board
Thirteen crew have tested positive for coronavirus on a bulk carrier at Newfoundland. The local seafarers’ union said the case highlighted the difficulty of vaccinating crews

Indian seafarers feel the heat as vaccination drive suffer delay | The Hindu BusinessLine
Indian seafarers are being overlooked for jobs on ships as lack of vaccinated crew force global shipowners to tap other nationalities such as Bangladesh and Indonesia — who were given priority jabs by their governments — for crewing needs.

Indian seafarers face fresh challenges as Covid epidemic overwhelms the country | Seatrade Maritime News
Vaccination being made mandatory before joining ship is just one of the numerous challenges being faced by Indian seafarers as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to overwhelm the country’s health infrastructure.

Raising seafarers’ plight to the world | Manila Times
In a time when tens of thousands of individuals stepped forward to hold the line of safety and survival in the face of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, one sector of essential workers seemed to have been forgotten by the world — the seafarers.

GMS defends Maersk scrapping record after Danish criticism | Lloyd’s List
Trade group Danish Shipping wants a bilateral deal between the EU and India to lift environment and safety standards at breakers’ yards in South Asia, where almost 90% of ships are recycled
Industry groups defend Maersk’s record on shipbreaking after Danish government says it will investigate the reflagging and recycling of four ships at Alang, India

Europe’s ports survive Suez surge | Lloyd’s List
Terminals pass through worst of box crunch but export equipment remains scarce
Congestion at Europe’s key hubs has not increased significantly because of the Suez Canal closure. But the relief was relative in an already highly disrupted supply chain


It’s time to end oppression and respect workers’ civil liberties | ITF Seafarers
May Day is when workers of the world stop and reflect. We’re seeing so many human rights abuses — workers being denied their right to free association, free speech being suppressed. It is the responsibility of us all to defend our fundamental human rights.

Reimposing seafarer travel bans threatens global vaccination push | Lloyd’s List
The International Chamber of Shipping says requiring proof of vaccination before letting crews leave ships to return home will put seafarers in a Catch-22 scenario — unable to disembark until they are vaccinated, but not able to get vaccinated without leaving the vessel‘
We cannot continue to let the world’s 1.7m seafarers be collateral damage in the fight against the pandemic’ — International Chamber of Shipping

India’s worsening health crisis triggers fresh crew-change challenge | Lloyd’s List
‘Things are starting to go backwards,’ says ICS as Indian nationals are blocked from disembarking ships at countries used as key crew-change hubs or cannot fly out to board vessels and replace seafarers
About 30% of an estimated 80,000 Indian seafarers are stuck at home without an income as owners and managers work to extend existing contracts for those at sea

From the News Desk: India’s virus wave threatens crew-change progress | Lloyd’s List
India, despite its predicament, pledged to vaccinate seafarers in port. If India can, why can’t other countries?
Shipping figured out long ago how to change crews safely and things were looking up. But horrifying headlines from India this week have led even shipping-friendly governments to close their doors

Indian ports battle on during deadly Covid second wave | Seatrade Maritime News
The response of Indian ports to the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been mixed between the private and public sector.

Singapore crew change ban extended to more sub-continent nations | Seatrade Maritime News
Following a recent travel and crew change ban for those with travel to India in the previous 14 days due to the country’s sharp spike in Covid -19 cases similar measures were announced at the weekend for those arriving Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Ever Given crew members whose work contracts have expired allowed to leave the impounded ship and return home | Markets Insider
Three crew members onboard the Ever Given container ship have been permitted to return home after their contracts expired, according to Reuters. 

Cyprus resolution for seafarer vaccination adopted by ILO | Seatrade Maritime News
A resolution for a global seafarers vaccination programme proposed by Cyprus has been officially adopted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The ILO calls for full respect of seafarers’ rights and for the vaccination of seafarers | Hellenic Shipping News
The ILO is calling on governments to treat seafarers as key workers and to cooperate to make vaccines available to them at the earliest opportunity, to allow them to pass through international borders and keep global supply chains moving.

Seafarers' union 'fighting hard' for vaccinations as quarantined cargo ship stays anchored off N.L. | CBC
13 crew members aboard Federal Montreal have tested positive for COVID-19
The Seafarers' International Union of Canada says it's nearly impossible for crew members aboard cargo ships to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, as an outbreak aboard a massive cargo ship anchored off eastern Newfoundland shows the toll the pandemic is taking on workers.

Ship-owners seek vaccinated crew as Covid cases surge in India | Business Line
Concerns over availability of vaccines and waiting time are adding to the job uncertainty of seafarers

Port of Montreal re-opens after legislation forces striking dockers back to work | AJOT
Operations began gradually returning to normal Saturday at the Port of Montreal after the Canadian federal government rushed through legislation late Friday forcing some 1,150 striking dockers back to work. Non-compliance by either dockers or port employers carried fines of up to C$100,000 a day. The bill also provides for the appointment of a mediator-arbitrator who will have the power to impose a binding new collective agreement within 90 days.

Canaveral becomes first US port to vaccinate cruise ship crew | Seatrade Cruise News
Cruise ship crew began receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at Port Canaveral today, making it the first US port to facilitate vaccination for seafarers.

Australia’s maritime regulator bans sub-standard bulker | Lloyd’s List
The Australian Maritime Safety Agency has banned a bulker managed by a Turkish company and owned by Qataris from entering its ports for a period of 18 months
The Panama-flagged vessel had been detained in early March because important regular surveys had not been carried out, and for appalling working and living conditions on board.

Mozambique and Russia-Ukraine tensions prompt security concerns | Lloyd’s List
Mozambique was recently added to the Joint War Committee of insurers’ high-risk Listed Areas, while the Somali area has shrunk to reflect its lessened risk of attacks
Security analysts are wary of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and of continued risks in the Middle East — but mainly for vessels caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. West Africa is still the biggest risk area, despite a recent lull in piracy

Youth Workers’ Five-Point Call To Action Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic | Page One
In celebration of the Labor Day on May 1, the Associated Labor Unions (ALU)-Associated Philippine Seafarers Union (APSU) Youth called on national leaders to protect young workers who have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crew union criticises shipowners for ILO pay freeze | Lloyd’s List
Shipowners’ offer of a $4 monthly increase was ‘an insult to the sacrifices of the seafarers, particularly in the pandemic’
The National Union of Seafarers of India condemned shipowners for the failure this week of talks in Geneva to raise the seafarers’ global minimum wage, branding their 3% offer ‘insulting’

Cosco port arm sells domestic assets on global expansion plan | Lloyd’s List
Cosco Shipping Ports says the sale is in line with its strategic planning to recycle capital and optimise domestic terminal portfolio while seeking expansion opportunities in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia
China’s port giant has sold equity interests in several domestic box terminals in the past year before signing off on the latest deal

Trapped Aboard an Abandoned Cargo Ship: One Sailor’s Four-Year Ordeal | Wall Street Journal
The MV Aman was seized near the Suez Canal in 2017. Years later, its chief mate was still on board, all alone.

Prevalence and associated factors of psychosocial distress among seafarers during COVID-19 pandemic | Doc Wire News
In the context of growing concerns about seafarers’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, this study aimed to assess the prevalence and associated factors of psychosocial distress among seafarers of ocean-going vessels during the current health emergency.

UK and Norway fail to reach fishing deal | BBC
The UK and Norway have failed to reach a fishing deal for this year, with the industry warning that hundreds of crew members will be left out of work.

Women are a mainstay of fishing in West Africa. But they get a raw deal | The Conversation
Throughout West Africa, the artisanal fishing sector is a crucial source of livelihoods and food security. For instance, in Nigeria artisanal fishing accounts for 80% of the fish consumed and supports the livelihoods of about 24 million people.

Illegal Fishing Is a National Security Problem | Defense One
The stability of countries and regions are threatened by the declining health of fish stocks, and by the groups and governments that run lawless fishing fleets.