Norwegian wage and working conditions on the Norwegian continental shelf and in Norwegian waters
NUME believes that the introduction of Norwegian wage and working conditions on the Norwegian continental shelf and in Norwegian waters is a necessity. Specially to ensure future recruitment to the industry and equal competitive opportunities for seafarers living in Norway and seafarers living abroad. Such regulation will also help to secure the necessary Norwegian resident expertise in the industry, now and in the future. This is both through preserving the already existing expertise in the industry, as well as ensuring a good recruitment basis for future seafarers.

Secure current and future jobs
NUME works to ensure that an active and forward-looking policy is pursued that keeps our members in work, while at the same time we use the expertise our members possess to develop the workplaces of the future. NUME believes that the net pay scheme plays a central role in keeping seafarers in work and is therefore working for a permanent raising of the ceiling in the scheme. Furthermore, NUME works to ensure that the Norwegian authorities pursue a policy that creates activity and values throughout Norway, both on land, at sea and on the continental shelf.

Competence development
NUME knows that the operational expertise our members possess is unique, and that this must be preserved when we develop the workplaces of the future. NUME works to ensure that our members can develop their skills throughout their working life, and that the skills our members possess is always the right ones. We therefore participate in the work related to the framework conditions for the education of our members. At the same time, we are concerned that the members should be able to acquire new knowledge while they are working and have therefore advocated a stronger focus on further education in Norway. Furthermore, NUME strongly advocates Norway's active participation in the maintenance, revision and further development of the STCW Convention via the IMO, and its implementation in Norway.

Safety and preparedness
Our members play a critical role in society when it comes to safety and preparedness in Norway. NUME strive to ensure that we continue to have this. At the same time, we work to ensure that the safety of our members always is prioritized. An important part of Norway's work with preparedness and social security is also linked to the kind of access you have to vital goods and resources should the situation require this. In NUMEs view, it is the nation’s responsibility to ensure access to these resources, and to put Norway in the best possible position to react quickly in emergency situations, whether it concerns access to necessary medicines, weapons or other vital resources. NUME is concerned that in cases where there is a question of socially critical resources, requirements must be set for Norwegian pay and working conditions and Norwegian crew on board.