NUMEs umbrella organization is UNIO. As a member of NUME, we offer help and assistance with matters that apply to all and/or the individual member, in addition to offering membership benefits from several partners.

-    NUME works for your safety, predictability, pay and working conditions.

-    NUME demands Norwegian wage and working conditions regardless of the flag on the Norwegian continental shelf in order to ensure equal conditions for our members who live in high-cost countries, strengthen Norwegian shipping companies and thus the Norwegian flag.

-    NUME puts our most important resource – people – at the center.

-    NUME actively participates in the work with international and national regulations and security development.

-    NUME works to ensure that the industries within our area of activity have the right expertise, staffing, good education systems, continuing education and recruitment.

Pricing/Contingent for a membership
Professionally active: NOK. 480.00 /per month
Junior/student: NOK 42.00/ per month
Not working: NOK 100.00/ per month