The Meeting was held virtually for 67 affiliates by the Chair, the ITF Accredited Representative to the IMO and ITF secretariat from ITF house in London. 

ITF Maritime Safety Committee (ITF MSC) is a technical arm of the ITF Seafarers’ Section Committee (ITF SSC) undertaking all issues related to Safety Of Seafarers 
ITF MSC members are appointed by their union and elected to participate under the terms of reference in particular meetings at the IMO and other fora pertaining to their expertise. When representing the ITF, members are entitled as experts or advisers. 

ITF Maritime Safety Committee was informed and discuss the work, activity, and TOR’s in IMO, ILO and other fora, based on the prioritised projects, human elements, manning, ships automation, STCW/ STCWF and environment and issues affecting seafarer safety.

Approved the way forward and Elected members of ITF MSC 2021 – 2022

Chair        Odd Rune Malterud, NUME (Norway)
Vice Chair    Christian Spain, AMO (USA)
Member    David Appleton, NIUK (UK)
Member    Tracey Mayhew, SIU (USA)
Member     Oscar Lindgren, SBF (Sweden) 
Member     Chris Given, SIU (Canada) 
Member    George Quick, IOMMP (USA)
Member    Lennart Jonsson, MOA (Sweden)
Member    Sergey Aysinov, SUR (Russia)
Member    Neven Melvan, SUC (Croatia)
Member     Dorotea Zec, SUC (Croatia)
Member    Zillur Bhuiyan, BMMOA (Bangladesh)
Member    Lee Sanghee, FKSU (Korea)
Member     Karl Huss (SBF, Sweden)
Member    Saman Rezaei (IMMS, Iran)
Member    Amar Singh Thakur (MUI, India)

You can read more on this web site ‘The IMO’ in the ITF Seafarers website