‘A total own goal’: Shipowners’ wage cuts plan a slap in the face for pandemic heroes | ITF Seafarers
The world’s seafarers yesterday took the extraordinary decision to shut down negotiations over the future of seafarers’ minimum wages with national shipowners represented by the International Chamber of Shipping. The seafarers’ unions said they would prefer to tackle the shipping companies ‘head-on’ to set wages unilaterally rather than risk decades of established ILO practices by agreeing to employers’ demands to ditch objective ILO minimum wage calculations.

Talks at the ILO over seafarer minimum wage break down | Splash 247
After two days of talks at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), negotiations on setting a new minimum wage for seafarers over the coming three years have broken down between seafarer unions and shipowners. Shipowners’ offer representing a 3% pay rise for seafarers across the world was rejected.

Owners and unions hope to ease tensions after minimum wage talks collapse | Lloyd’s List
Shipowners had offered a 3% pay rise over three years, but unions had demanded 6.5% from 2022
The seafarers’ minimum wage of $641 a month will not rise for two years after International Labour Organization talks collapsed, with owners and unions blaming each other

India's Seafarers Face New Challenges as Outbreak Grows at Home | Maritime Executive
Seafarers with recent travel history to India have been banned from undergoing crew change in Singapore. In a separate decision, the UAE's port of Fujairah has also banned crew change for ships arriving from India.

Suez Canal bosses deny holding the Ever Given's crew members to ransom, saying they're free to leave as long as there are enough to run the ship | Business Insider
The head of the Suez Canal Authority denied that the crew members of the Ever Given were unable to leave the ship, which remains impounded almost a month after it was unstuck.

Australian authorities must undertake independent investigation into death of seafarer onboard Inge Kosan | Mirage
Australian authorities are being urged to take advantage of the arrival of the gas tanker Inge Kosan at anchorage off Brisbane to undertake a thorough, independent investigation into the death of a one of the seafarers, whose body washed up on a beach in Vanuatu.

Devonport tugboat crews strike against rota changes | Socialist Party
On 26 April, tugboat crews organised in Unite took a second day of strike action against Serco.

IMO-EU maritime technology cooperation centre Network project extended | Hellenic Shipping News
A solar panel retrofitting project for a ferry in the Pacific under the MTCC Pacific showed fuel savings of 32% in operation and 87% reduction in GHG emissions at anchor.

This Business Could Change the Shipping Industry | Influencive
Delos Shipping is a platform that lets you lease ships as well as a provider of maritime assets and financing for end users


Seafarer happiness survey shows coronavirus impact lingers | Lloyd’s List
Although the overall happiness index improved in the first quarter of the year compared with the previous three months, concerns and stress remain regarding the coronavirus
While connectivity on board ships has improved leading to higher satisfaction levels among seafarers, hostility towards different nationalities has increased, the Mission to Seafarers report shows 

Fujairah bans crew change for ships arriving from India | Seatrade Maritime News
Fujairah has banned crew change from vessels arriving from India as more countries raise barriers to travellers from the country which experiencing a huge surge in Covid-19 cases. 

Suez disruption to last through to end of May | Lloyd’s List
Key ports in Europe and Asia are suffering congestion, pushing cargos to nearby terminals
Better data on ship arrivals at chokepoints would allow a more efficient process for clearing backlogs in future events. This could help ease downstream congestion at ports

Class societies join flag states to plot shipping’s green path | Lloyd’s List
Japan, Norway and the UK are represented alongside Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DNV and ClassNK
A new forum of flag states and class societies has been launched to help the industry tackle technology challenges. It says it will publish frequent reports to help shipping keep up with progress on decarbonisation, automation and energy efficiency


Where does crew-change crisis leave the labour convention? | Lloyd’s List
Does the Maritime Labour Convention need a new structure or amendment to prevent a crew change crisis from happening in another pandemic?
PTC group chief executive Gerardo Borromeo: ‘When the Maritime Labour Convention was put together, I do not believe that the founding authors contemplated a global pandemic.’

Industry braced for more challenges with crew change | Seatrade Maritime News
Ship and crew managers are bracing themselves continued, and possibly even bigger, challenges with crew change as new Covid-19 variants emerge, and infections spike in key seafaring nations.

Shipping condemns travel bans for undermining seafarers’ rights | Lloyd’s List
‘What is the point of the crew change protocols and of key worker status if it all goes out the window when there is a crisis?’ said International Maritime Employers’ Council
Shipping groups have condemned states for claiming to support seafarers’ rights under the Maritime Labour Convention, while continuing to bar them entry because of new waves of coronavirus infections

Singapore halts crew changes for seafarers with recent travel to India | Lloyd’s List
‘India being the third-largest supplier of officers to the world merchant fleet, this will have a huge impact on the relief of the seafarers on board the vessels’ — Thome Marine’s chief human resources officer Simon Frank
Shipping companies will face immediate delays in crew changes and the resulting financial costs, while the situation could worsen with more countries expected to follow Singapore’s suit, according to industry experts. They also warned of mental fatigue, frustration and depression to be experienced by the crew on board

Stranded seafarer leaves abandoned ship after four years | Lloyd’s List
The International Transport Workers' Federation has secured the repatriation of a Syrian seafarer who was forced to live in squalid conditions on an abandoned ship in Egypt for four years
Mohammad Aisha, 33, is reported to be back home in Syria. Declared to be the legal guardian of the abandoned general cargo ship Aman, he was not allowed to leave the vessel until it was sold or a replacement guardian found

Brazil introduces new guidelines to face COVID-19 in ports and on ships | BN Americas
Brazilian health oversight agency Anvisa and water transportation regulator Antaq introduced a series of measures to be adopted in ports and on ships to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

How shipping firms ought to focus on crews’ wellbeing | Splash 247
The mental and physical wellbeing of crewmembers at sea and on dry land should be one of the key priorities for shipping companies amid the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Mark O’Neil, president of InterManager and CEO of Columbia Shipmanagement. 

Ever Given crew cannot be 'held to ransom': What's got the 26-member Indian crew of the ship stuck in limbo? | Times Now News
The crew now finds itself the unfortunate victims of a legal dispute between Egyptian authorities and the Ever Given's owners and operators.

MSC Set to Overtake Maersk as the World's Largest Container Line | Maritime Executive
Taking into account MSC's new orders, as well as the company's active involvement in the secondhand tonnage market, it can be said that it is all set to overtake Maersk on a capacity basis sometime next year, becoming the largest container line in the world.

EU clears 100 million euro French aid for Brexit-hit fisheries sector | Reuters
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU state aid regulators approved on Friday 100 million euros ($120.6 million) in French aid for the country’s fisheries sector hit by Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc and the subsequent cut in France’s fishing quota.

This week in tax: Shipping industry calls for global carbon tax | ITR
Ireland pushed back on a US proposal for a 21% global minimum tax rate this week, and the shipping industry has also called for a worldwide carbon tax regime ahead of the Leaders’ Summit on Climate.

Union sues shipping line over Port of Charleston’s new terminal | Post and Courier
The union that represents Port of Charleston dockworkers is suing a global shipping line for allegedly violating its contract with organized labor by using the newly opened Leatherman Terminal in North Charleston.

Seafarers union ready to pull crews in push for COVID vaccine access | Simcoe Reformer
A union representing thousands of seafarers on Canada’s Great Lakes freighters is threatening to take workers off the job if crews aren’t prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID outbreak on international vessel highlights need for urgent overhaul of biosecurity measures | Mirage
The maritime union is demanding the National Cabinet urgently implement improved testing and biosecurity measures for vessels arriving from international ports following a COVID outbreak onboard a gas tanker that recently berthed at Port Botany.

Smart ports – a vital step in India’s digital transformation journey | Times of India
With a coastline of about 7,517 km, the shipping industry plays a vital role in sustaining growth in India’s trade and commerce with ports handling almost 95% of trade volumes. The 12 major ports in India handled 704.82 million tonnes (MT) of cargo traffic in FY20, implying a CAGR of 2.74% during FY16-FY20. This is expected to further increase as India marches ahead to realize the government’s vision of becoming a global manufacturing hub and the recent announcement of investing around $82 billion in port projects by 2035 is a testimony to that vision.

Shipping industry urged to do more to digitalise operations | Hellenic Shipping News
More than 200,000 seafarers worldwide are either still stranded on ships or waiting to board them as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, said International Maritime Organisation (IMO) secretary-general Kitack Lim yesterday.

‘Global shipping badly hit by the pandemic’ | Hellenic Shipping News
International transport continued to be at the forefront of trade despite challenges brought by the pandemic that severely affected the cruise sector in 2020, according to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).


Seafarer Mohammad Aisha is going home thanks to ITF, ending four years on abandoned ship | ITF Seafarers
Seafarer Mohammad Aisha is tonight boarding an airplane to return to his native Syria, ending a four-year battle where he was forced to live on an abandoned ship in the Suez Canal while the vessel waited to be sold.

Singapore halts crew changes for seafarers with recent travel to India | Lloyd’s List
Thome Marine’s chief human resources officer Simon Frank: 'India being the third largest supplier of officers to the world merchant fleet, this will have a huge impact on the relief of the seafarers onboard the vessels'
Shipping companies will face immediate delays in crew changes and the resulting financial costs, while the situation could worsen with more countries expected to follow Singapore's suit, according to industry experts. They also warned of mental fatigue, frustration and depression to be experienced by the crew onboard

Crew Of 'Ever Given' Could Be Stuck On The Big Boat For Years | Jalopnik
The news cycle may have moved on from the Ever Given, but the Ever Given still hasn’t moved on from its holding spot in the Great Bitter Lake in the middle of the Suez Canal after almost a month. The crew still stuck on the ship is very concerned about this, as there seems to be no sign that an agreement will be reached between Egypt and the Ever Given’s owners any time soon. Until there is an agreement in place, the crew is stuck there, and they could be for years.

Seafarers union ready to pull crews in push for COVID vaccine access | Toronto Star
A union representing thousands of seafarers on Canada’s Great Lakes freighters is threatening to take workers off the job if crews aren’t prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID outbreak on international vessel highlights need for urgent overhaul of biosecurity measures | Mirage
The maritime union is demanding the National Cabinet urgently implement improved testing and biosecurity measures for vessels arriving from international ports following a COVID outbreak onboard a gas tanker that recently berthed at Port Botany.

Three Indian mariners fight for respect on the high seas | Trade Winds
Sharvani Mishra says a shipping company refused to take her back after she report a sexual-assault attempt at sea. She decided that had to change

Sydney port workers await COVID-19 results after boarding ship with positive crew members | ABC News
A dozen crew members on a ship that docked in Sydney have tested positive for coronavirus, forcing local port workers to get tested and isolate.

The IMarEST announces 1st Global Conference for Seafarer Mental Health and Wellbeing | Hellenic Shipping News
The 1st Global Conference for Seafarer Mental Health and Wellbeing has been announced for 25 – 26 May 2021. The IMarEST event will bring together key stakeholders from across the maritime sector to discuss the critical issue and identify practical solutions to better support the needs of seafarers around the world.

Mobile warehousing and storage frees capacity from crowded ports | Freight Waves
Growing e-commerce demand strains warehouse capacity


ITF demands Ever Given seafarers be allowed off ship | Lloyd’s List
Union officials have been checking on the health and welfare of the crew and report sufficient food and wages paid for March
‘We are pleased to inform the world that the crew of the Ever Given is in good spirits, and doing well,’ says ITF regional official Mohamed Arrachedi

Ever Given crew welfare, but Egypt cannot hold Suez seafarers hostage, says ITF | Sea News
Representatives of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Sunday boarded the MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000) to check on the health and welfare of the crew. The cargo vessel is currently anchored in Lake Bitter, in the Suez Canal system, as Egyptian authorities and the vessel’s insurer argue over damages claims.

Marine casualties drop 18% in pandemic year, says Emsa | Lloyd’s List
The European Maritime Safety Agency says the total number of casualties was 2,632 in 2020, down 18% from the year before
The number of fatalities declined 48%, while the number of injured persons decreased by 36%, according to preliminary figures

ETF and ECSA call for recognition of seafarers as key workers and an introduction of specific rights and entitlements | Hellenic Shipping News
Governments, shipowners and seafarers groups are meeting this week in the Special Tripartite Committee of the Maritime Labour Convention to exchange information on the implementation of the MLC in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic. On this occasion, ECSA and ETF have issued a Joint Statement on the recognition of seafarers as ‘key workers’ that outlines some specific rights and entitlements that seafarers should enjoy everywhere.

NY & NJ Missing the Boat on Mariner Vaccinations - Union Boss | Marine Link
The head of an American mariner union says state leaders in New York and New Jersey should recognize the essential role of U.S. seafarers by prioritizing them for COVID-19 vaccination.

24-hour stoppage announced | Hellenic Shipping News
Svitzer Australia has advised that the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has given notification of protected industrial action by its members at Adelaide and Whyalla on Friday, 23 April.

US state bans fully automated cargo handling equipment | Lloyd’s List
Under the state’s newly signed law: ‘Moneys available to a port district or a port development authority shall not be used to purchase fully automated marine container cargo handling equipment’
‘Public funds should not be spent on equipment that eliminates good, family wage jobs in our port communities,’ said Cam Williams of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Climate change: Shipping industry calls for new global carbon tax | BBC
The global shipping industry is calling on the world's governments to tax its carbon emissions.


ITF confirms Ever Given crew welfare, but Egypt cannot hold Suez seafarers hostage | ITF Seafarers
Representatives of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Sunday boarded the MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000) to check on the health and welfare of the crew. The cargo vessel is currently anchored in Lake Bitter, in the Suez Canal system, as Egyptian authorities and the vessel’s insurer argue over damages claims.

Seafarers' union demands vaccine plan for 15,000 marine workers after COVID outbreak on Atlantic Huron | CBC
The union that represents 15,000 Canadian marine workers is demanding the government come up with a plan to vaccinate seafarers after the most recent COVID-19 outbreak on the Atlantic Huron, a Canada Steamship Lines bulk carrier.

The MUA dispute and lessons for May Day | Green Left
Twenty three years ago, in the lead up to May Day, I was on a bus from Canberra to Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The bus was packed with workers and union banners: we were to join one of Australia’s most famous industrial disputes led by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).

‘Global shipping badly hit by the pandemic’ | Manila Times
International transport continued to be at the forefront of trade despite challenges brought by the pandemic that severely affected the cruise sector in 2020, according to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

Bahamas Maritime Authority to implement research into the mental wellbeing of seafarers | Hellenic Shipping News
The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is today announcing a new survey, the Seafarer COVID-19 Welfare Survey, designed to capture and reflect the mental health needs of seafarers around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Washington School of Public Health, manifests itself as a short, online survey open to any and every seafarer.

Why we’re standing up for stranded seafarers | Money Marketing
The Covid-19 pandemic has left thousands of maritime workers stranded at sea. More institutional investors are now joining our campaign in calling for urgent action to address this overlooked global humanitarian crisis and preserve the long-term sustainability of global supply chains.

Shipping demands market-based measures debate at IMO | Lloyd’s List
The proposal comes on the heels of the US announcing that it wants the IMO to commit to zero emissions by 2050
The International Maritime Organization is facing industry pressure to start talks on market-based measures as soon as possible

US will push IMO to adopt target of absolute zero emissions by 2050 | Lloyd’s List
The policy position of the US will add considerable pressure on the IMO to adopt the target when it revises its strategy in 2023
US special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry announces the US wants the International Maritime Organization to adopt a zero emissions target, which means full decarbonisation, and will work to help develop appropriate measures

Red tape holding back evolution of supply chain | Lloyd’s List
Logistic giant K+N calls on the maritime and trade sectors to harmonise standards to meet higher expectations from end-consumers who seek instant gratification online
A McKinsey study found that the US experienced 10 years of e-commerce growth in just three months at the peak of the pandemic, while digitalisation of the supply chain advanced by less than four years


Seafarer union representatives visit crew of the Ever Given | Seatrade Maritime News
Representatives of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) have visited the crew of the Ever Given being held in Egypt.

Ever Given crew fear joining ranks of seafarers stranded on ships for years | The Guardian
Suez vessel’s crew said to be ‘relaxed but apprehensive’, while 50 miles away a cautionary tale plays out on another ship

Simplifying the life of seafarers | Hellenic Shipping News
New technology is usually synonymous with ease and convenience. However, digitalisation has earned a certain amount of bad rap in some seafarer circles. Rather than simplifying the job, it’s sometimes perceived as an added burden — one more task in an already busy to-do list.

‘Take immediate steps’: COVID cases on ships pose trade risk | Hellenic Shipping News
The Australian Government has been urged to act quickly to address COVID-19 cases on trade ships, amid warnings severe outbreaks could cripple maritime supply chains.
The warning from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) comes as a second member of the Rio Tinto-chartered MV Aquagenie has tested positive to COVID-19.

WHO panel comes out against requiring vaccination proof for travel | The Hill
A World Health Organization (WHO) panel last week came out against any requirements that travelers show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter certain countries, highlighting its concern that such measures would aggravate inequities.

Gargantuanisation | London Review of Books
Everyone worried about the stupefyingly diverse cargo on board all these ships: oil, of course, but also many tons of the world’s most mined commodity (can you guess? It’s sand); and, of course, everything else, from widgets to trainers to computers, from coffee to consoles, from plastic crap of all types to medicines to, well, everything. Since 12 per cent of global trade passes through the canal, the economic damage caused by its closure was significant: a boggling $9.6 billion a day.

The shipping industry needs to move in line with the Paris Agreement | The Hill
With his administration set to announce its new Paris Agreement climate commitments soon, now is the time for President Biden to be more ambitious than ever on climate action here at home. We have no time to waste. Ocean Conservancy, where I serve as CEO, along with many countries and nonprofit organizations, is calling for Biden to commit to reducing U.S. emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030.

The Stealthy ‘Healthy Ports’ Plan | Wall Street Journal
Mr. Biden wants $17 billion for ports, inland waterways and ferries—which could be beneficial amid port congestion. But note the fine print: “This includes a Healthy Ports program to mitigate the cumulative impacts of air pollution on neighborhoods near ports, often communities of color.”

Singapore unveils measures to bolster Silicon Valley of maritime ambitions | Seatrade Maritime News
Singapore outlined measures on Tuesday to boost its maritime technology eco-system and become the Silicon Valley for the global shipping industry.


Abandoned bulker crew beg for relief | Lloyd’s List
Seafarers on board a bulk carrier abandoned in Bandar Abbas in Iran are begging for relief from their 'inhumane' conditions. The vessel was abandoned in February 2020
The vessel was registered with St Kitts & Nevis at the time of the abandonment, but has been re-flagged with Tanzania since August 2020, data shows

COVID-19 cases among crew of oil tanker anchored off Cape Breton: union | CTV News
PORT HAWKESBURY, N.S. -- An oil tanker has been anchored off Cape Breton since Sunday because of concerns several crew members may have contracted COVID-19.

China looks to recreate ancient Silk Road with network of African ports | South China Morning Post
Latest addition is a port on the Kenyan island of Lamu, which is set to go into operation in June
US$5 billion project is part of a US$25 billion infrastructure project to link Kenya with Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan

'EverGreen' wants Suez Canal Authority to treat arrested ‘Ever Given’ and cargo on board separately | Times of India
HYDERABAD: With EverGreen’s chartered vessel ‘Ever Given’ ‘arrested’ by the Suez Canal Authority, the EverGreen Marine Corporation has said that in order to lift the arrest order as soon as possible, it was urging all concerned parties to facilitate a settlement agreement to be reached.

Telangana: Ever Given manager helping 2 seafarers get home | Times of India
The authorities granted permission based on the recommendation of the ship owner who reportedly informed that the two seafarers had some personal emergency back home.

Again Maritime Union Demands Action on Covid Testing, Vaccination and Crew Changes | Handy Shipping Guide
AUSTRALIA – To date the country has seen under 1,000 deaths attributed to Covid with over 26,000 recovering from the disease. Compare this to the UK where the pandemic has claimed over 150,000 lives from almost four and a half million known to have been infected and one can see why, once again, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is upset at the latest headlines.

Auckland port workers strike over unsafe conditions | WSWS
Ports of Auckland workers walked off the job for several hours on April 13 in protest over health and safety standards and cast a unanimous vote of no confidence in the company’s chief executive Tony Gibson. The strike followed a review by Construction Health & Safety NZ (CHASNZ) and commissioned by the Auckland Council, which owns the port.

Maritime workers suspend strike at Lagos port terminal — after two days | The Cable
The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has suspended the shutdown of activities at the APM Terminals, Apapa.

US west coast ports and supply chains need 24/7 work week | Lloyd’s List
Port of Long Beach executive director Mario Cordero says a change must come if ports and their industry partners are to compete in the 'Amazon world' of consumers ordering goods around the clock as producers labour the same hours to meet those demands
Mr Cordero is highly aware that the 24/7 mentality cannot be limited to the dockworkers or even the port itself ‘because ultimately to have a robust 24/7 model, it has to move to the supply chain’ as a whole

Seafarers are risking their health with prolonged Carbohydrate diet | Sea News
The starkest warning yet that following fad diets can cause more damage than good has been delivered by catering management and training provider MCTC as it sees an increase in popularity by seafarers of the ketogenic (keto) diet.

How COVID-19 Affects the Fishing Industry | Borgen Magazine
Unfortunately, COVID-19 has devastated the fishing industry, just as it has most other industries.

Intercruises and Vikand to provide rapid Covid-19 testing in cruise ports | Cruise & Ferry
Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services and global maritime medical solutions provider Vikand Solutions have expanded their Global Port Medical Network partnership to provide rapid and non-invasive Covid-19 testing in cruise terminals worldwide.

Nigerian ports now 70% digitalised — Shippers’ Council | Hellenic Shipping News
The Executive Secretary, Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), Mr Hassan Bello, on Friday disclosed that the ports in the country had attained 70 per cent digitalisation. Bello made this known at a news conference on the first quarter activities of the council in Lagos. He said that the 70 per cent digitalisation was lower than 90 per cent targeted by the council in the first quarter of 2021.

Surging imports show importance of global supply chains | Lloyd’s List
Despite the current disruption, globalisation is far from over. Elevated freight rates are set to remain in place for the remainder of this year and any normalisation is unlikely to manifest itself until 2022
Chinese manufacturing has stormed ahead while the US has yet to fully recover. That is causing higher levels of imports and rising freight costs


Crew change and repatriation of seafarers – IMO establishes new module on GISIS | Hellenic Shipping News
The International Maritime Organization ( IMO) creates a new module on the Global Integrated Shipping Information System ( GISIS) for crew change and repatriation of seafarers and discontinues the issue of their MSC.7/circ.1 series.

Missed positive seafarer COVID test costs $175,000 | Seatrade Maritime News
International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) has warned of the importance of checking crew COVID test results after a missed positive caused vessel delays and substantial costs.

Kenya Navy conducts COVID-19 vaccination exercise to seafarers | CGTN
Kenya’s naval force has joined in government efforts against COVID-19 by conducting a vaccination exercise targeting seafarers.

Oil tanker stops unexpectedly off Cape Breton, 8 crew members sick with COVID-19 | CBC
Transport Canada says the vessel can't leave until the Public Health Agency of Canada allows

New study unveils the mental health ‘minefield’ seafarers face | Splash 247
Key study findings show that 40% of all respondents experienced suicidal thoughts on rotation some or all the time compared to an average of 4% to 9%. One in five are feeling suicidal all or most of the time.

Port of Montreal President slams partial strike move by dockers | AJOT
With the mounting prolonged waterfront labour conflict reaching the point where dockers plan to cease working overtime indefinitely as of today and on weekends this Saturday, the Montreal Port Authority’s newly-installed President and CEO, Martin Imbleau, issued a sharply-worded statement striking out at the potential impact on the Canadian economy and the competitiveness of Canada’s second biggest port of a vital public service being “offered on a part-time basis.”

Containership coke bust case engineer gets 70 month prison term | Marine Log
Vladimir Penda, 27, the former fourth engineer of the containership MSC Gayane, was today sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison plus two years of supervised release on charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine on a vessel subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

Egypt seizes the Ever Given, saying its owners owe nearly $1 billion for Suez Canal traffic jam | Washington Post
In the latest complication to the ill-fated voyage, Egypt has seized the Ever Given over its owners’ “failure to pay an amount of $900 million,” the state-run news outlet Ahram Gate reported. That amount represents the total compensation that Egypt says it is owed for the six-day blockage of the Suez Canal, including lost revenue from ships that ordinarily would have traveled through the canal during that time, as well as costs for damage to the crucial waterway and the equipment and labor deployed in the 144-hour scramble to free the ship.

Shipping green fuel levy faces opposition from developing nations | Lloyd’s List
After the proposal gained support from major shipping nations, developing countries have hit back, officially objecting to a mandatory levy based on fuel consumption
Major developing nations are opposed to a levy through fuel consumption or taxation. They argue the burden should instead fall on developed nations and support for least developed countries should be a priority for the fund

MSC closes in on Maersk as largest operator of containership tonnage | Lloyd’s List
With a larger orderbook, Mediterranean Shipping Co could soon overtake its 2M partner as the world’s largest box line
Maersk’s acquisition of rival lines helped it build the world’s largest boxship fleet. But an aggressive orderbook means MSC could soon take the title.


DNV to target crew wellbeing in safety audits | Lloyd’s List
The classification society will look more closely at seafarer living and working conditions in its assessment of safety management. This is in response to increase levels of stress caused by coronavirus
Increased seafarer fatigue and stress is a risk to operational safety, security, and environmental protection. DNV will work with Document of Compliance holders to manage pandemic-related risk 

Hanseaticsoft helps shipping companies support seafarers’ mental wellbeing with technology | Sea News
During Stress Awareness Month Hanseaticsoft is recommending that shipping companies take a fresh approach to mental wellbeing and make use of technology to support the mental health of seafarers.

Seafarers union looks to Alaska as it seeks hundreds of apprentice workers on contracted vessels | Anchorage Daily News
Alaska fishermen displaced by the COVID pandemic are being recruited for seafaring jobs aboard U.S. cargo barges, tankers, towboats, military support vessels, research and cruise ships and more.

Antarctic emergency plans in spotlight after supply ship fire | Lloyd’s List
Union said the tug sent to escort the fire-damaged supply ship could not have reached it in time to rescue its crew
The Maritime Union of Australia accused the Australian government of lacking a contingency plan after a fire on the Antarctic supply ship MPV Everest in the Southern Ocean in the past week

IMO to expand leadership circle | Lloyd’s List
The changes would mark the first IMO Council expansion since 2002 and need to be adopted by the next IMO Assembly, which convenes in December
The IMO Council will accept 12 more countries to the current 40-member club and extend serving terms effectively to four years

Greek and Swedish Shipping Associations Join NGO on EU ETS Proposal | The Maritime Executive
In one of the more surprising alliances, the Greek and Swedish shipowner associations are joining with a leading NGO to propose one of the most comprehensive carbon pricing models under the EU’s pending emissions trading scheme. Seeking to influence the EU Commission’s current discussions on how to extend carbon quotas to the maritime industry, the proposal incorporates the previous concept for a fund for R&D as well as to stabilize pricing along with limits on carbon trading and a “polluter pays” approach. The shipping groups are emphasizing the need to ensure fairness and not disadvantage smaller operators.

Delays expected as Suez cargo influx hits ports | Lloyd’s List
A surge of containerised freight is likely to lead to slower turnaround times and further delays
The Suez Canal blockage held up nearly 2m teu for nearly a week. Now that cargo needs to be pushed through destination ports that were already struggling with high volumes

Suez closure likely to lead to ‘a spider’s web’ of claims | Lloyd’s List
Legal action from cargo interests against underwriters expected in multiple jurisdictions, often in response to dispute over size of claims
De facto closure limited to four days and fewer than 10% of transits in March, Leth Agencies add.

Maersk's position as world's largest is coming to an end | Shipping Watch
An era may come to an end as early as next year for Maersk, as competitor and alliance partner MSC, with Søren Toft at the helm, looks set to become the world's largest container line.

Revolutionizing the Shipping Industry with Fully Automated Terminal Operations | AZO Materials
Ports have adopted automation at a relatively slow rate compared with other industries. Sectors such as mining and warehousing have been faster to recognize the benefits of automation and implement the technology into their processes. Automation allows ports to operate more safely, minimize human-caused disruption, and enhance performance.


ICS cautiously optimistic on security outlook | Lloyd’s List
Nigeria has taken strides towards tackling piracy and international attention to the problem is helping, John Stawpert says
The International Chamber of Shipping is cautiously optimistic about shipping’s security outlook, having recently updated its security guidance

Crew change challenge remains, push for global seafarer vaccination programme | Seatrade Maritime News
Crew change remains a top challenge in the industry according to the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), and both industry and authorities are pushing for a global vaccination programme for seafarers.

Maersk Containership Diverts Due to Onboard COVID-19 Outbreak | Marine Link
The containership Maersk Athabasca has diverted to Vizhinjam, India due to a suspected COVID-19 outbreak on board while en route from Tanjung Pelapas, Malaysia to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Seafarers International Union recruits Alaska fishermen | Daily News Miner
Alaska fishermen displaced by the COVID pandemic are being recruited for seafaring jobs aboard U.S. cargo barges, tankers, towboats, military support vessels, research and cruise ships, and more.

Cruising May Resume Too Late to Save Carnival Stock | Investor Place
Even at its recent January “peak” of $51.50, Carnival was trading well below its 2018 high around $70. Once the lockdowns started, you could get a share of CCL for less than $10. Even after a year of trading that saw speculators triple their money, the stock opened April 9 at $29.

MSC rolls out new ocean-rail service from Asia to Europe | Splash 247
Swiss-headquartered containerline Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is expanding its services portfolio with the launch of a new intermodal solution between Asia and Europe.

Cause of Suez blockage likely due to variety of factors | Lloyd’s List
Speed, weather and currents all appear to have contributed to the grounding of Ever Given
Disasters at sea usually feature multiple causes. The same appears to be the case for Ever Given, but experts think human factors and the size of the ship are unlikely to be major elements

Changing Lanes: Suez disruption far from over | Lloyd’s List
European ports can expect major delays and disruption in the coming weeks as carriers move to clear the backlog of clogged Suez cargo
The shipping industry might be back to being ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but the domino effect of the Suez Canal blockage is only just beginning, with port congestion, new equipment shortages and delays in delivering goods to European consumers all seen as inevitable

‘Impressive’ steel trade likely to continue for months | Lloyd’s List
A recovery in the global economy post-pandemic is helping steel trades, which has in turn led to an ongoing rally in dry bulk freight rates
US imports of steel were particularly robust in the first quarter of this year, with volumes from South Korea, Ukraine and Japan, according to Braemar ACM

Pandemic adds to Singapore maritime sector’s costs | Lloyd’s List
Shipowners need to contend with ‘mind-boggling’ crew change costs, which some sub-sectors are better able to absorb than others
Singapore’s shipyards are grappling with the reality that productivity will not match pre-lockdown levels any time soon given the limited access to foreign labour

Adani Ports to be removed from S&P index due to business links with Myanmar military | Reuters
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - S&P Dow Jones Indices said it is removing India’s Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd from its sustainability index due to the firm’s business ties with Myanmar’s military which is accused of human rights abuses after a coup this year.

Workers Vote No Confidence In Ports Of Auckland Management And Board | Scoop NZ
A stopwork meeting of Ports of Auckland workers today renewed calls for a change of leadership at their workplace.

Is Europe Pursuing a ‘Neo-Colonial’ Plunder of Resources In the Indian Ocean? | The Wire
Until Jan 9, 2014, the Playa de Anzoras, a 2,200-ton tuna fishing vessel named for a beach in Spain, built in Spain and owned by Spaniards, sailed under the Spanish flag. On Jan. 10, it dropped the Spanish flag in favour of that of Seychelles, a small archipelagic nation in the Indian Ocean.


ITF Statement on second postponement of International Bargaining Forum negotiations | ITF Seafarers
Maritime employers in the International Bargaining Forum (IBF) have argued for and secured a second deferral of IBF ‘cost negotiations’ to the disappointment of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Essential, invisible: Covid has 200,000 merchant sailors stuck at sea | Washington Post
Global trade depends on maritime workers, but the pandemic has thrust them into ‘humanitarian and economic crisis’

The LL view: End the scandal of seafarer abandonment, now and forever | Lloyd’s List
Something is seriously wrong when crews are regularly stranded thousands of miles from home for years on end
Without rigidly enforced penalties for owners who evade best practice, those at the sharp end will continue to suffer

A pandemic problem no one has solved: Marine workers stuck at sea | Star Tribune
Travel restrictions have seafarers stuck aboard ships or unable to leave countries.

Plight of abandoned seafarers is ‘very critical’ | Lloyd’s List
The crew on board a bulker, which has been abandoned since July 2019, have been on hunger strike for three months as a resolution to their plight has yet to be found
A crew member from the abandoned bulk carrier, Ula, told Lloyd’s List that the situation has reached a critical point. The 19, mainly Indian, seafarers are feeling neglected and helpless, and suffering from depression

Strike: Federal Government Gets 7-day Ultimatum from Maritime Workers | Legit NG
his threat was issued by the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria over the failure of FG and its agencies to force compliance with some key maritime laws 

Qantas federal court case opens: outsourcing goes on trial | Mirage
The case led by the architect of the Maritime Union’s successful litigation during the waterfront dispute, lawyer Josh Bornstein, takes aim at the legality of Qantas’s plans to outsource its ground workers outlining that it breaches the Fair Work Act.

Cannot hold 25 sailors to ransom, says seafarers’ union | Times of India
As investigation into the Suez Canal incident involving ‘Ever Given’ by Suez Canal Authority (SCA) in Egypt continues, National Union of Seafarers (NUSI) said that the 25 Indian seafarers on board cannot be held to ransom if there was a delay in settling the issue of losses with ship owners or others concerned.

Suez Canal Blockage Continues to Disrupt Global Trade, Hitting Supply Chains | Insurance Journal
LONDON/LOS ANGELES – A backlog of container ships carrying consumer goods has grown in some key strategic ports after a near week-long blockage in the Suez Canal, adding to ongoing disruptions to global trade, industry sources say.

Maersk, the world's largest shipping company, says the Suez Canal blockage's economic fallout will continue into second half of May | Business Insider
Fallout from the Ever Given's time lodged in the Suez Canal will "ripple" through the economy for the next few weeks or months, according to Maersk, the world's biggest shipping company.

The week in charts: Tanker scrapping flatters to deceive | Box data highlights pandemic pain | Suez stoppage shoots up freight rates | Lloyd’s List
Container spot rates have surged this week on the Asia-Europe trade following the Suez blockage
Tanker demolition numbers through the first quarter did little to raise hopes of reducing oversupply weighing on rates, while the latest official container volume data lays bare the initial impact of coronavirus on the industry


OP-ED: How Covid-19 created floating prisons | Dhaka Tribune
Many seafarers are trapped on vessels, unable to go home -- a situation that threatens to turn into a humanitarian crisis

Merchant sailors recognised as frontline workers will aid mental health | The National News
Shipping industry must reduce stigma of psychological problems in workers at sea, conference hears

Tug crew strike set to go ahead at Plymouth's Devonport Naval Base | Business Live
Crews due to begin 24-hour walkout in long-running dispute over shift patterns 

Second Fire Gives Ammunition to Union Set Against Foreign Flagged Vessels | Handy Shipping Guide
National Interest Project Should Employ Resident Citizens Says MUA

High Court: Employer’s appeal against union “front man” dismissed | Lexology
The High Court has dismissed an employer’s appeal against a full Federal Court decision not to summarily dismiss an employee’s application to quash the relevant enterprise agreement where it was argued that the employee was merely a “front man” to conceal the CFMMEU’s role as the true moving party.

RMT slams Irish Ferries plans to run Dover to Calais ferry service from June 2021 | Kent Online
A leading union has hit out at plans for Irish Ferries to run a Dover to Calais service later this year - accusing it of having "an appalling safety record" and crewing its vessels "almost entirely with eastern European seafarers".

Seafarers and Frontline Maritime Personnel Thanked for Keeping Port of Singapore Open during COVID-19 Pandemic | Sea News
Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, said, “2020 was an exceptional year which saw organisations worldwide respond proactively and collectively to challenges unprecedented in modern times. With the unwavering support of our unions and management, our staff have demonstrated adaptability, resilience and agility by working alongside our customers and partners to keep global supply chains open and trade flows moving. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one at PSA Singapore for setting an extraordinary example of commitment and solidarity in this challenging time.”

Crude Greeks decide it’s time to go very large | Lloyd’s List
Freights may have been woeful but a surge of countercyclical Greek VLCC ordering in recent months suggests that many of those with a penchant for big tankers have done similar calculations
Central Group, Latsco Shipping, Maran Tankers, Athenian Sea Carriers, Capital Maritime, Navios and Samos Steamship are among the Greek owners that have arranged to get their hands on new VLCCs as prices seem headed higher and building slots dry up

Optimistic Jefferies banks on tanker second-half rally | Lloyd’s List
The bank forecast very large crude carrier spot rates would average $30,000 daily this year and finish the final quarter at $47,000
Forecasts assume tanker scrapping to double levels seen in past four consecutive quarters and oil demand growth to rally in 2021’s second half

Container tracking gains traction with adoption of standard | Lloyd’s List
Five of the DCSA’s nine carrier members have committed to adopting the group’s track and trace standard for supply chain visibility
Container tracking services are nothing new. But the granular nature of the container supply chain has made it difficult for them to be interoperable before now, limiting their usefulness

Ever Given operator launches claim against registered owner | Lloyd’s List
Move from Taiwanese boxship outfit appears to counter ‘writ in rem’ legal action from Japan’s Shoei Kisen
Both parties seeking security for claims against them, legal experts suggest

Red flag: Predatory European ships help push Indian Ocean tuna to the brink | Mongabay
The Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stock is teetering on the verge of collapse and some experts say the EU, which has profited the most from the fishery over decades, should do more to save it.


AMOSUP orders 20,000 doses of Covid vaccine | The Manila Times
WHILE the government has yet to give a clear response to the appeal of manning agencies’ to prioritize seafarers in the vaccination program, the Associated Marine Officers and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP) placed orders for 20,000 doses of vaccines against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-9) for its members.

Union set to ballot Stena Line staff on possible strike action | Western Telegraph
The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) is planning to ballot its seafarer and port members, including those working in Fishguard, on possible strike action over its claims that the company has ‘downgraded’ its sick leave policy.

Crew changes in Chile continue in spite border closure extension | Seatrade Maritime News
Even though the Chilean Government has decreed an extension of the border closure until 30 April, with tighter restrictions, crew change will be allowed to continue.

Tanker rates rebound as Middle East Gulf export slump ends | Lloyd’s List
Negative freight earnings remain for larger tankers but rises in rates for smaller ships and OPEC supply boost help sector to build on March gains
Middle East Gulf clean and dirty exports shrunk 9% year-on-year, Lloyd’s List Intelligence data show, the lowest since 2010

China’s Cosco Shipping Expects Profit Surge as Industry Flourishes | Wall Street Journal
Freight rates have increased, with shipping groups reaping the benefits of earlier capacity cuts combined with stronger-than-expected demand

Eemslift Hendrika salvage mission postponed but grounding risk ‘small’ | Lloyd’s List
The plan to tow the listing cargoship into sheltered waters to avert an oil spill has been postponed to Thursday, according to the Norwegian Coastal Administration
UPDATE: Salvors are preparing to tow the listing Dutch yacht carrier Eemslift Hendrika away from Norway’s coast after the dramatic helicopter rescue of its crew on Monday. The NCA said the danger of it running aground was small, despite earlier warnings it could hit the coast tonight


The Ever Given showed the importance of tug and towage workers, but their industry continues to cut dangerous corners | ITF Seafarers
The six-day blockage of the Suez Canal and its welcomed refloating has shed new light on the critical job done by tug and towage workers. But unless industry arrests the current ‘race to the bottom’ and workers’ safety concerns are addressed, the world could be in store for another Even Given-type crisis sooner than we think.

‘Did the ship shrink?’ – Red flags raised over Goundar ship registered in Fiji 14 metres shorter than in Canada | ITF Seafarers
Fijian authorities are being called to urgently investigate Goundar’s MV Lomaiviti Princess III amid allegations of falsified safety documentation and concerns over passenger and maritime worker safety. 

Concerns Ever Given seafarers likely to face legal action | Seatrade Maritime News
While the containership Ever Given heads for the Great Bitter Lake for inspection following six days blocking the Suez Canal, there is a major concern about how its crew comprising 25 Indian nationals will be treated by the Suez Canal Authority.

The Ever Given's crew is safe, still onboard, and is getting paid while the ship's being investigated | Markets Insider
The 25-person Indian crew of the Ever Given is stressed and tense, but is doing well as the massive container ship faces investigations after blocking the Suez Canal.

'Rush to judgment'?: Costly Suez Canal calamity fuels support for Indian crew of Ever Given | USA Today
Investigators in and under the massive container ship Ever Given intensified efforts Wednesday to determine what caused the vessel to run aground amid concerns the Indian crew could be blamed for the costly incident.

Inside the Ever Given's Suez Canal rescue: How tides, tugboats helped free the big ship | NBC News
While the world marvelled at the skyscraper-size vessel, it was local workers and tugboat captains who toiled through sleepless nights to free the ship.

Bulkers detained in Australia for ‘serious’ breaches | Lloyd’s List
Two bulkers technically managed by a Turkish company and ultimately linked to a Qatari owner have been detained by Australian authorities for a number of deficiencies and "appalling" crew working conditions.
Bulkers detained at Port Kembla in New South Wales and Weipa in Queensland since February will not be released until deficiencies are addressed, says the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Logjam deepens at the world's ports as pandemic strikes shipping | France 24
Towering cranes work overtime swinging containers from cargo vessels in the eastern Chinese port of Lianyungang, racing to keep ahead of a perfect storm unleashed by the pandemic that has created gridlock in global shipping.

Mozambique's Growing Insurgency May Pose Threat to Shipping | Maritime Executive
The insurgency in Northern Mozambique is steadily morphing into a serious maritime security threat in the Western Indian Ocean. On March 24, militants linked to the Islamic State (IS) group conducted a bloody ambush in Palma - a coastal town near Total’s Mozambique LNG offshore gas project - leaving tens of people dead and others injured. This attack lends credence to speculation that the jihadist militants are growing in sophistication and capability.

Dry bulk worst hit by ‘vaccination lottery’, says Intercargo | Lloyd’s List
Owners in the sector say it is especially exposed to national vaccination politics and facing unworkable demands from some port states
‘Bulk carriers on tramp trading call at many more ports than other shipping sectors and are at the mercy of the nationalised vaccination policy, applying at the port of call,’ said Intercargo president Dimitris Fafalios

Shipping Industry Calls For Common, Global Vaccination Framework For Seafarers | Hellenic Shipping News
A working group focusing on vaccinations within the shipping industry supports seafarers being vaccinated using WHO EUL approved vaccines provided by appropriate agencies in Member States.

Coronavirus and seafarer mental health – the good news | Splash 247
As so many have said, we live in unprecedented times. First, we have been confronted with a physical health crisis, followed by a hard-hitting economic crunch. So it’s no surprise that we now face the stark reality of a possible mental health crisis.

As Suez crisis fades, we must not forget pandemic's hidden heroes — seafarers | The Hill
Shipping operates out of sight and out of mind for most. 1.7 million seafarers navigate arduous voyages to keep global trade moving. Yet making the link between the food on the shelves of your local supermarket, or the gas at your local filling station, is not always easy.

What Suez Canal crisis should tell the world about seafarers | South China Morning Post
Global shipping crisis threw a spotlight on the rarely told story of the hardships and poor conditions endured by seafarers, at least a quarter of them from the Philippines

Stranded at sea: California seafarer recounts months of isolation during pandemic | The Denver Channel
As the pandemic upended our lives, an invisible workforce helped keep some normalcy intact. Traveling the world on oil tankers and cargo ships, seafarers deliver everything from food to fuel, medicine, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

‘We are not sure when we will get home’: the stranded seafarers who kept world trade afloat during Covid | iNews
Hundreds of thousands of hidden keyworkers are still enduring what has been described as a humanitarian crisis as they continue to move essential supplies across the globe

Ferries delayed again amid recruitment struggles | BBC
The delivery of two overdue and over-budget CalMac ferries has been delayed again as the shipyard building them struggles to recruit extra staff.

Give seafarers the VSAT they deserve | Riviera
Coronavirus has amplified the need to provide sufficient fast connectivity to seafarers, many of whom have been stranded at sea for more than a year

Private 5G network for port of Southampton | Lloyd’s List
5G network trials have also been announced at Felixstowe and Belfast Harbour in recent months
Associated British Ports has signed a deal with Verizon Business to build a private 5G network at the port of Southampton. It said the faster network could help lead to asset tracking, autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance and safety monitoring

Pandemic Strands 100,000 Merchant Mariners at Sea | Voice of America
LONDON - An estimated 100,000 merchant seafarers are stranded across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic in what campaigners call a “humanitarian crisis” that threatens global supply chains and are calling on all countries to recognize the 1.6 million people who work on board merchant vessels as key workers, including allowing them to travel across borders and offering priority coronavirus vaccines. It’s estimated that 80% of all internationally traded goods are transported by sea.  

The Suez Canal ship is free, but the shipping industry’s ‘humanitarian crisis’ isn’t over | The Seattle Times
For nearly a week, the world was fixated on the spectacle of a mammoth cargo carrier blocking the Suez Canal, causing billions of dollars of damage to the global economy with every passing day. 

The shipping industry is worse than aviation | Observer
The sole justification for this most extreme manifestation of globalization is that the wage rates are lower on one side of the world than on the other. But it’s murder on the crews, mostly poor people from poor countries who aren’t even allowed ashore when the ships stop briefly in ports. And it’s hell on the environment, because almost all these ships are burning bunker oil.

Maersk unveils new Asia service via Panama to US east coast | Lloyd’s List
Maersk North America has announced the start of a new service linking ports in Vietnam and China with US east coast ports via the Panama Canal, starting in May 2021
‘Importers are looking for more US east coast gateways in their Asia-North America supply chains, while exporters are looking for more equipment — especially in the southeast US region,’ said Maersk North America managing director Narin Phol

Anger as Maersk suspends contract bookings, sparking scramble for capacity | Load Star
Maersk’s decision to “temporarily suspend” spot and short-term contract bookings from Asia following the Suez Canal blockage has left forwarders and NVOCCs scrambling for alternatives.

Farmers call for federal action on shipping bottlenecks | The Bakersfield Californian
Kern County farmers are calling for federal intervention in an international shipping bottleneck that has dramatically increased their export costs during the pandemic and jeopardized sales contracts with buyers overseas.

Report highlights modern slave labour in Pacific fishing industry | WSWS
A new report has found that fishing companies operating in the Pacific are doing little to stop slavery on their boats. The tuna industry in particular is rife with allegations of modern slavery in its supply chains, with few protections for workers against forced labour.

United States and Ghana Partner to Strengthen Ghana’s Fisheries Sector | US Embassy in Ghana
In his remarks, Deputy Chief of Mission Lamora commended the SFMP’s work to strengthen fisheries sector management, noting that “We should all celebrate our collective achievements while recognizing that more work is needed to rescue Ghana’s small pelagic fisheries, which are in a dire state.”  He also reiterated the willingness of the United States government to work with stakeholders to rebuild fish stocks that have been increasingly at risk due to illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and to help ensure a locally sourced, nutritious, and sustainable supply of protein.  

Maldives announces plans to lift ban on shark fishing after 11 years | Oceanographic
Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, Zaha Waheed, spoke at the People’s Majlis (the Maldivian Parliament) Committee on Economic Affairs, saying that lifting the ban ‘presents a profitable revenue-generation strategy for the state.’

How shipping giant MSC reacted to billion-dollar cocaine bust | Freight Waves
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) — which recently surpassed Maersk to become the world’s largest ocean carrier — confirmed it “suffered significant financial and reputational damage” from the record-breaking drug bust aboard its ship, the MSC Gayane, in 2019.

Sometimes, no publicity really is bad publicity | Lloyd’s List
Shipping executives had an opportunity to be front and centre in the international news cycle and deliver an important message about how trade works. Instead, they chose to hide in the shadows. Complaints about sea blindness will not be taken seriously next time they matter
A week-long shut down of the Suez Canal courtesy of a container giant exposed the fragility of global supply chains and the world’s reliance on shipping. It was not the attention the industry wanted, but it was a unique opportunity to explain shipping’s key role as the economic backbone of world trade. So why did the industry hide behind its crisis management flak?

Why the World’s Container Ships Grew So Big | New York Times
As global trade has grown, shipping companies have steadily increased ship sizes — but the Suez Canal blockage showed that bigger is not always better.

‘It Often Comes Down to Ego—My Ship Is Bigger Than Your Ship’ | Bloomberg
A shipping industry consultant who went to sea at age 18 says container ships will grow until they simply can’t anymore.  


Shipping industry launches vaccine guide for seafarers | ITF Seafarers
The ITF has worked with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) to produce a simple, easy-to-understand guide for seafarers on Covid-19 vaccinations. The independent guide explains the evidence-based risks associated with the major vaccine brands currently in the market.

Half of blacklisted Aswan fleet in hot water as Australia detains two ships | ITF Seafarers
Australian maritime authorities have detained two vessels owned by controversial a Qatari shipping company for serious labour rights breaches just weeks after the crew on another of Aswan Trading and Contracting’s ships were driven to hunger strike off the coast of Kuwait.

Maersk VICT calls spoil ITF pandemic praise | Seatrade Maritime News
The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) praised Maersk’s crew change efforts during the pandemic, but questioned its continued calls at ICSTI’s Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

Praise for Largest Global Container Shipping Line for Behaviour During Pandemic | Handy Shipping Guide
Doubtless Maersk executives were pleased today when they received their equivalent of a school report from global union representatives, despite a qualified 'could do better'.

Suez Canal remains blocked despite efforts to refloat grounded Ever Given | Lloyd’s List
Update 1655 hrs GMT: Reports that the Ever Given has been partially refloated are inaccurate according to technical manager BSM. Suez Canal remains blocked and traffic is increasing at both ends of the canal
It is not clear what caused the grounding. Initial reports suggested that Ever Given had experienced engine trouble, but a spokesman for BSM, the vessel’s technical managers, confirmed that an initial investigation has ruled out any suggestion of mechanical or technical failure

Shipping industry emissions keep on climbing, new IMO data reveals | Business Green
New figures show that significant improvements in carbon intensity have been made since 2012, although these have slowed in recent years

Ports are facing a digital sea-change | ITS International 
Next-generation cellular will revolutionise the ports and maritime sector. Its arrival is just in time, as the industry faces a variety of challenges which require new technological solutions

US Coast Guard loses pilotage exam case | Lloyd’s List
The US Coast Guard violated federal law in denying a master the right to sit for an examination that would allow him to register as a vessel pilot
The USCG acted on derogatory reports about Capt Matthew Hight presented by the for-profit St Lawrence Seaway Pilots Association, including the use of profanity while piloting a ship



We need a grown-up conversation about shipping's hidden heroes | Lloyd’s List
Seafarer mental health issues have risen to the top of the agenda during the pandemic. The industry must now ensure it doesn’t sleepwalk into the next crisis with mental health problems unresolved
Shipping’s can-do attitude has kept the world turning over the past year, but seafarers have suffered. Recruitment could suffer as a result

Calling for a Fair Future for Seafarers | Hellenic Shipping News
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, seafarers have faced difficult working conditions including uncertainties about port access, re-supply, crew changeovers and repatriation. Seafarers’ rights to be treated fairly remain at the forefront of IMO’s work.

Testing seafarers can be part of pandemic fightback, says consultant | Lloyd’s List
Selective use of tests for seafarers can reduce risk of coronavirus being brought on board by embarking crews or visitors, and help manage potential onboard outbreaks
Operators should choose testing kits that meet World Health Organisation standards and apply the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention antigen test algorithm, according to an International Group affiliate

De Poli Shipmanagement says kidnapped crew ‘doing well’ | Lloyd’s List
Contact has been made with the 15 seafarers seized from a chemical tanker near Benin, West Africa in the past week, De Poli Shipmanagement has confirmed. The crew consists of Ukrainian, Romanian and Filipino nationals
The Dutch company said that while there is a dialogue proceeding with those holding the 15 crew members, no further information will be provided in order not to jeopardise the safety of those involved

German maritime industry facing major challenges: report | Hellenic Shipping News
Germany’s maritime industry was facing major challenges such as reducing CO2 emissions, international competition and the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the 7th annual maritime report by the German government published on Wednesday.

ICTSI deploys AI-powered yard management system at Manila container terminal | Ship Technology
Philippines-based port operator International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI has deployed an AI-driven operational optimisation tool at its flagship Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).

‘They stuffed up’: Union slams Indonesian ferries headed for Sydney | 2GB
The union has hit back at the Transport Minister’s defence of a controversial new fleet of ferries.
The River Class ferries, built in Indonesia, will not fit under the Camellia Railway Bridge and the Gasworks Bridge near Parramatta with people sitting on the top deck. Now, concerns have emerged that the boats could stall under emergency conditions.
Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Assistant Branch Secretary Paul Garrett told Ben Fordham he’s been on board the trialled ferries.

Coast Guard issues bulletin on Covid-19 crew change issues | Work Boat
The Covid-19 pandemic has significant impacts on the U.S. Marine Transportation System, the global shipping industry and on seafarers. Travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world have created significant hurdles to crew changes and repatriation of seafarers. 

What next for Irish Sea trade? | Lloyd’s List
Three months after the UK left the European Union, changes are already being seen in shortsea trades. The extension of temporary easements on trade to Northern Ireland has helped boost trade. But it remains hard to sift out the impact of the pandemic from that of the politics

DP World profit drops 29% in ‘year like no other’ | Lloyd’s List
DP World chief executive Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem says the group is remaining cautious in its short-term outlook yet is encouraged by the start to trading in 2021
Port operator posts 30% drop in profits for 2020, in ‘a year like no other,’ but revenues rise on new business contributions