Her holdt Odd Rune Malterud et foredrag og deltok i diskusjonen om "Just Transition & Safety for Seafarers," som kan oppsummeres som følger:


  1. Yourself 
  2. Your College 
  3. The Ship and the Environment as determined in UN/IMO /ILO /EU 

You have;
STCW Medical examination to be medically fit for duty on ships.

STCW Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and Competency (COC)

Respect regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion 

Career and competence development as well as employment opportunities for maritime positions, 24/7 Ref. MLC 2006, Regulations 2.7 and 2.8


Political understanding on “green” energy sources whit, extreme pressure, temperature, corrosive, toxic and High Voltage for propulsion, manoeuvring and operation of the ship shall be HUMAN SAFE. 

Emissions calculation from well to propell is crucial to reach the sustainability goal.

Use current regulations and technical competence – IMPLEMENT - don't wait until the IMO has developed the regulations, - influence them!


Have deal whit automation since 1965, and prevention, reduction and control of marine pollution since 1973 (MARPOL)

Seafarers' competence shall safe and secure the OPERATION OF THE SHIP'S FUNCTIONS 

- and ensure ALL safe and healthy return to the port facility and their family.



  • a robust training scheme that guarantees the highest level of safety culture 
  • appropriate training that covers communication, risk analysis, operation and emergency situations 
  • knowledge about construction and design and relevant regulations 
  • adequate fire detection and fire-fighting equipment 
  • availability of proper lifesaving appliances 
  • provisions of adequate personal protection equipment for all personnel. 



Human Competence, Construction, Design, Equipment, Safe energy Sources and environmental effectiveness is the key to achieve common goals on sustainable manning, greening the economy, fair and inclusive, decent safe work and leaving no one behind.