On the agenda on the first full physical meeting after the covid close down, is filled with important issues and activities. 

Among these are:

  • Consideration and adoption of amendments to mandatory instruments
  • Goal-based new ship construction standards
  • Development of a goal-based instrument for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)
  • Measures to enhance maritime security
  • Piracy and armed robbery against ships
  • Unsafe mixed migration by sea
  • Formal safety assessment
  • Human element
  • Training and watchkeeping
  • Ship systems and equipment, including IP and OLAW
  • Pollution prevention and response
  • Navigation, communications and search and rescue
  • Implementation of IMO instruments

The aim with IMO MSC 106 is to provide minimum safety standards for ships that carry industrial personnel, as well as for the personnel themselves, and addresses specific risks of maritime operations within the offshore and energy sectors, such as personnel transfer operations. Such personnel may be engaged in the construction, maintenance, decommissioning, operation or servicing of offshore facilities, such as windfarms, as well as offshore oil and gas installations, aquaculture, ocean mining or similar activities.