The ITF Maritime Safety Committee is a technical body of the Seafarers’ Section, established to represent seafarers’ interests within relevant maritime fora to promote ITF policies and secure the protection or enhancement of Seafarers’ rights and working and living environment within the scope of IMO and other relevant fora.

Prioritised projects:
• Human Element
• Manning
• Ships Automation
• STCW and STCW – F
• Environment and issues affecting seafarer safety
• Energy sources

ITF MSC elected members 28.09 2022 
Chair        Odd Rune Malterud, NUME (Norway)

Vice Chair    Christian Spain, AMO (USA)

Member    David Appleton, NIUK (UK)

Member    Tracey Mayhew, SIU (USA)

Member     Oscar Lindgren, MOA (Sweden) 

Member     Chris Given, SIU (Canada) 

Member    George Quick, IOMMP (USA)

Member    Lennart Jonsson, MOA (Sweden)

Member    Sergey Aysinov, SUR (Russia)

Member    Neven Melvan, SUC (Croatia)

Member     Dorotea Zec, SUC (Croatia)

Member    Zillur Bhuiyan, BMMOA (Bangladesh)

Member    Lee Sanghee, FKSU (Korea)

Member     Karl Huss, MOA (Sweden)

Member     Tushar Pradhan, MUI (India)